So, I've been a long time afficionado of the word Dredge, but in order to expand my horizons a bit and continue my journey not only as a Vintage player but also as a content creator, I'm going to start seriously diving into working on content that involves other decks in the format and I figured I will be starting with Shops, which will be the focus of my article next week.

I have the deck on modo already and am going to be working on recording some video content to go along with the article, but I don't have a ton of experience with the archetype and need some assistance understanding sideboarding and the like for various matchups. I was reading through the original Workshop Aggro thread on here and was able to glean some great ideas on mulligans and what to look for in opening hands, and I have a lot of time watching folks like Rich Shay and Montolio on the deck, so I have a basic idea of playing it, just need a little help so I can make this article sweet.

For reference, I have this list built which is the list that Rich won the last Vintage challenge on -

Thanks in advance for the assistance, this community is as always awesome.