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I've been thinking on this card alot lately. Are we at a point where there's enough cards that benefit from the drawback to make this card broken?

Could you elaborate? What cards are benefitting from this. Do you mean the discard or the sacrifice? Also just fyi, this was played in vintage in the past in dragon.

The problem I have with Read the Runes is that I have difficulty imagining a scenario where Breakthrough (or Bazaar of Baghdad, for that matter) isn't just better. Is there some combo where you need help sacrificing your own permanents?

As another matter, even without the drawback, paying X+1 mana to draw X cards is just not that exciting of a rate in Vintage these days.

@tittliewinks22 Do you mean this as an enabler for Eggs? Sac a bunch of moxes/land, draw a bunch of cards, cast second sunrise, repeat?

Pretty similar to Paradoxical Outcome, and can return an Academy over and over, but PO does this without being reliant on the graveyard.

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