I was wondering if Taigam, Ojutai Master could find a home in certain U/W/x decks to help close out the game through what appear to be some very powerful abilities. Thoughts?

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I think that is a Vintage legal card.

What do you think?

Is there a reason that you might choose these cards over the standard cards?

How has your testing gone?

I have run Taigam in a UWR xerox shell after Brian Kelly put up some finishes with the deck a while back. It is tough to get on the board with a deck lean on mana sources such as this. He does pitch to force of will though.


In a format maindecking Pyros and stp, it is a really a “Brian Kelly in XMas Land special” (as Chubby and Diophan say) to have him going (even if you have Last Word MMs). I have played against testing mate Antoni Sànchez who plays it in LCV with 1-2 Caverns and it is a real nightmare if you play blue, but it could be any other thread in the Xerox shell.

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