North American Eternal Weekend 2018 Metagame Breakdown

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Great work. However, the decklist file is the one from last year.

It looks like the embed was using the correct link, but the download was last year's file. It's been updated and corrected. Thanks for the heads up. Enjoy.

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Amazing work! Thank you guys so much for doing this.

Annoying question: do you have a sense of the Jacodrazi vs Powered split in the “Eldrazi” category? Jacodrazi seems like a deck that was there because it’s affordable, while you’d have to make a specific meta call to play Powered Eldrazi.

Update: Eternal Central is a wonderful resource. For those curious, they show 23 Eldrazi decks (as opposed to the 22 listed above). They break down into:

  • Unpowered Jacodrazi: 12
  • Unpowered White: 5
  • Powered White: 5
  • Powered Colorless: 1

I'm not a stats guy and don't wanna falsely report match win percentages, but my impression is that there were some high-performing unpowered decks, but lots of poor performances (which shouldn't be surprising, if there were lots of pilots who never play Vintage and threw the deck together for the hell of it). Powered White seemed solid, would love to know the overall win percentages.


Thanks for this amazing work. We should be really greateful people like you and all those who have helped with this titanic task take so much personal time to make sure the information is shared for all players’ benefit.

Btw which is the difference between Big Blue and Blue control decks?


I assume Big Blue is stuff like Grixis Thieves while Blue Control is stuff like Landstill.

@stuart Other than the single powered colorless list, including the Eldrazi tag and excluding budget does the trick in the "Tag Breakdown" tab. I get a 50.88% winrate.

@spook The tags are not necessarily subsets of a particularly archetype. Almost all of the Survival lists have taxing elements (most notably Thalia), but I don't believe Vasu's BUG list had any.

If you'd like to get to the bottom of where the classification differences in the Eldrazi decks are, let us know (I need a break from staring at decklists).

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Cleaning up the data and moving people to the right subcategory:
Bant Survival = 65% win rate (8 players)
RGwu/4c Survival = 55% win rate (6 players with 1 or more Ancient Grudge and Chewer)
Other Survival = 75% win rate (1 player: FOW Leovold / Misstep)

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@diophan insane breakdown! A correction on my entry

O'brien, Sean Fish BUG Fish BUG Leo with Bobs FOW, Rod

I didn't play Force of Will. Also my entry is the only one listed as Rod and not 'Null Rod' which may be messing up some tag counts. I didn't play Rod of Ruin as sick is is vs. the field.

I also noticed Leovold was a tag, I played 2 x Emmisary's of Trest.

Thanks again for putting this together, it's the single best view of a paper sanctioned meta we get each year so for those of us who don't play online it's a massive help.

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