I had a crazy idea for a new take on a very old archetype. I am sure many here know of the Illusions of Grandeur, Donate decks of old, well I was thinking you could make a modern version of that. It definitly would not be anything close to competitive, but I am sure it could be lots of fun, and I think it would be super interesting as I could see it taking both a combo approach and control approach. The deck I have in mind would be B/U/W with a few Aminatou, the Fateshifter, Demonic Pact, Donate and maybe a singleton Illusions of Grandeur. Aminatou I think would probably be one of the best cards in the deck because it is what allows you to either instantly kill someone once you have Donated Illusions, or to grind the game out with huge card advantage from Demonic Pact. If you use her -1 on Illusions while the opponent has control of it they lose 20 life from the ltb trigger, you gain 20 life again, and it resets the cumulative upkeep. If you -1 Demonic Pact it allows you to pick new modes again on your next turn, buying you time and immense card advantage. One of the reasons I think this might have a bit of potential is because a lot of these pieces are good by themselves to. For example Pact gives you three turn to either Donate it or blink it while delivering a potential 5 for 1. One of the main issues with this deck may be that it is too slow, but to me it looks so fun and grindy that I will be trying it out whenever I can, and will be looking for new cards for it. Let me know what you guys think.

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