The Eternal Weekend NA 2018 Thread

Good Luck and Have Fun Everyone!!!

Does anyone have a Volcanic Island i could borrow? I have collateral and pretty well-known and trusted in various Facebook trade groups. (

Last minute complete deck overhaul... What's the worst that could happen?

Fuckin' facists at work blocking Twitch

3-4 drop 😞

Managorger xerox.

Dredge everywhere

Finally get to tune in and the first thing I hear is

Randy: Well if he casts that jace, he loses the ability to force of will
Mike: he's at 1 so that's not really an option
Randy: oh yea good point

Never change, Magic coverage.

I tune in and the first thing I watch is GRVs after GRVs. 😕

@tittliewinks22 Is your stuff japanese foil?

And maybe someone wants to lend/sell/trade me 1 or 2 Niv Mizzets for tomorrow?

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@hrishi Especially the round 10 one... Coval was dead on board, and had no way to resolve a spell given the gamestate.

It left a bitter taste in a lot of viewers mouths, but rules are rules.

@jostin123 Judge did the correct thing. 3 GRV in a single game...

Top 8 lists posted! Looks like a good mix.

@jostin123 Rules are rules... But when it's not fair ... it's not fair.
I was watching, and as everybody i saw Coval had 0% chance to win that game ... outside a "rule violation" as it is named. I just hope that guy will loose in quarter as he shouldn't be in the top 8. That said, i know in that type of tounament, you NEED luck to be in the top 8. I can't beleive any reasonnable player can beleive he will succeed in such a tournament based only on his (or her ...) personnal skills. I can understand that Coval called the judges, that was "legal", but that's the point where you can see this is not just a game at that point. He had lost that game, but his tired opponent discaded a card a few seconds too late. Some will say "rules are rules", but that's just no the way i imagine playing magic.

Big-up for Brian Kelly who finished #17 with 8-2 after a 3-2 in the rounds 1 to 5. He is a great and nice player !

First place is "Paradoxical Mentor" with no Outcomes, lol.

Anyone have any bead on who had the best budget list and what the list was? I am looking for it for my article.

@volrathxp i think i saw on twitter a mono red prison list came in somewhere in the 60s. Not sure if any nulldrazi lists did better.

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