Going way off topic for the mana drain, but I'm not sure where else to turn for a bit of advice. I have about $250 on amazon and was looking to get a booster box to stash. Wondering what people think are good long term values or just prestige of saying, "I have this."

This is something I've done in the past and will continue to do in the future (amazon card earns points I use to buy this stuff, so its basically free for me). I've gotten boxes of Origins, eternal masters and a modern masters already. My goal is to have 3 or 4 of each set I get boxes from. In the future this gives me a box to draft with at my local store, a box to trade/sell and a box to keep stashed away.

Khans of Tarkir $195
Mirridon Beseiged faction display box: $220 or booster: $250
Saviors of Kamigawa $256
2013 core set $130
2015 core set $150
Avacyn Restored: $220
2012 core set: $140
2011 core set: $240
Conspiracy: $150
2013 Core: $153
Eternal masters: $300
Battle for Zendikar: $125
Kaladesh: $140
Born of Gods: $88
Gate Crash: $105
Theros: $103
Return to Ravnica: $108
Origins: $120
Unstable: $145

Or keep saving points and shoot for:
Modern Masters 2015: $400
Scars of Mirrodin: $390
Legions: $400
betrayers of kamigawa: $400
Eventide: $430

Personally I'm thinking unstable is the way to go. With the full art lands and the foil tokens I expect people to be looking for these cards for years to come. And based on unhinged and unglued prices, I think the precedent is t here for unstable to take off. What about sets like BfZ or kaladesh that have specialty sub sets though?

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Khans was super fun to draft and had fetch lands.

Unstable is super fun to draft and has a basic worht a couple bucks per pack.

I'd pick up one box of Unstable just cause it's awesome to play with and very unique.

I'm leaning towards unstable. I think getting 2-3 of them now I can sell 1 in a few years and recoup most of that expense.

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