Vintage 101: VSL Season Five with Randy Buehler!

Sweet. Good work on these!

@Islandswamp Great, looking forward to the play-in.

Thanks everyone. Don't forget you can also comment directly on the website. Feedback and page views are always appreciated.

@Islandswamp I read your articles every week. I am constantly amazed at where vintage has gotten to these last couple years, you put it rather well in this weeks article, it feels like a vintage renaissance. Thanks for being a part of that man. There is something very special about the vintage community, mtgo included. In the other formats there is an endless sea of players. In vintage I recognize many of the people who are there a lot, including yourself.People like Mishra's Sweatshop, TravisFats, Thiim, and a host of others I see on almost every day and they each have their own preferences and styles. Everyone is always brewing and playing wacky decks and it is an absolute blast! I am constantly making friends with people I think are not only good folks but great players of this game of ours.

Anyway, great article. That necro list from way back when is such a pleasure to look at. 3 maindeck disenchants, just such straightforward magic + 4 necro. Delicious stuff.

Keep it coming plz!!!

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