Untap Vintage League

Hi, I'm Thomas Snodgrass and I'll be helping to organize season two of the online testing league, the Untap Vintage League.

Where: Our discord server, https://discord.gg/X9F4sSa
When: A continuous league, beginning November 11th.
Signup: Here, by November 11th.

How does it work? Swiss rounds are played continuously week to week, before a cut to top 8.

Season One

Last season we had 33 participants and the following metagame:

Season One Meta

Season One was won by user Epthopper on Survival in five games against White Eldrazi. Does your list have what it takes to win Season Two? Sign up here if you want to give it a shot.

About the Untap Vintage League

We've run these leagues for other formats too. Anything from Legacy to Frontier has fired with 40-50+ people. The unique opportunity here is to connect with the larger online Vintage community while also mentoring in the next generation of Vintage players. If there's interest, we'll stream some of the matches too.

What if you've never played on Untap.in? That's no problem, there's an excellent guide on the Untap.in wiki. Also, there's a channel on the discord server dedicated to helping new users and I'm happy to answer any questions below.