Vintage 101: Survival of the Sickest

@volrathxp Awww man you beat me to it. Good job ☺! I love the variety of decks showcased. Keep up the good work.

The unpowered humans list is nice! Could it use MD Ancient Tombs?

@john-cox I thought about that, wasn't sure if having MD tombs would kill some of the manabase of being able to cast creatures with cavern / territory.

I would have to do some play testing with the list and see.

Great article! Just one correction: Legacy Eldrazi doesn't play Trinisphere, but Thorn of Amethyst. 🙂

@fsecco It certainly depends on list but yeah Thorn is more played yes, I have seen lists play around with 3ball but those lists tend to be more staxy than aggro Eldrazi yes.

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