Eternal Central: Introducing Middle School

@desolutionist So will is banned in both formats, which is why it isn't listed above. You can play the rest of those cards though! (We have had a hard time building a storm deck with only necro as the engine, because of the way necro works, if you find a good build please share!)

@cutlex you know you can't use 1 deck as an example of the costs of a whole format, right? Look beyond your own yard.
To play Middle School you need FoWs, Grim Monoliths, etc, which makes it more expensive, as does allowing Portal and Starter. If a card in those sets ever becomes a staple... Good luck.
Allowing Gold Bordered cards is nice, but I bet most Premodern groups would allow it too.
Now, as I said before, the overall play style of the Middle School seems something I'm not looking for, since that banlist seems pretty much reliant on FoW to keep things in check.

@fsecco just picked up a playset of gold border monoliths for $10/ea!

@tittliewinks22 Good for you. If the format gets any popular, they'll cost Collector's Edition prices 😉
Anyway I think it's more expensive and less fun to play because the dynamics are the same I see in Vintage and Legacy. I want to play a slower format to have a different feel, which is why played Old School in the first place. For me Premodern seems better in that sense.


I would try a list that doesn’t force the Tendrils kill to happen all in one turn. And instead uses the lifegain to keep going with Necropotence. Depending on the speed of the format, can look into Cabal Coffers, Lake of the Dead, and Consume Spirit. And also some multi-function black creature that can either attack for those final points of damage or have some kind of useful ability in the meta; maybe similar to Hypnotic Specter.


Zombie Infestation is pretty baller with Necro.

@rat3de It might? I think the harder part is playing enough islands with no dual lands? But yeah man, try to get it working. We are definitely in experimental exploration phase!

@garbageaggro I think it would just be cool to have such an iconic archetype come back, but sadly I do not own many cards, and was not alive when most of Middle School's sets came out. Though I could still try to cook out a list for you if you would like.

I'm pretty excited about the format. I built a group of 8 that fit both "premodern" and "middleschool" rules. In general in casual formats like this, I'm not super interested in combo which is really the only thing these banned lists are for (with a few exceptions). It's not like there is a super competitive scene where you need to win an event. I just got to build some of my favorites from history:

  • Sligh
  • Stompy
  • U/G Madness
  • U/G Control (Adrian Sullivan Style)
  • Zombie Clerics
  • Song of Blood Aggro
  • Slivers
  • Goblins

Should be a blast!

@trius Hope you are coming to EW, if so, I will have a whole bunch of decks on saturday to play while the legacy event is happening. At least part of the day si going to be spent at the hall demoing the format.

@garbageaggro It just didn't work out this year so I have to miss it. I would have loved to be there.

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