Not super familiar with Vintage right now. Was looking at UR delver lists today and realized there's no price of progress in any of the lists. Is the card just not good enough here? Or is it that the 75 fills up with vintage staples too quickly?

Price of Progress in a Delver deck isn't completely unheard of, but it's definitely not a staple.

I suspect that the damage numbers just don't end up being too impressive, because the games can be compressed and a lot of manabases have artifacts in them. For every game against workshops where they double-Ancient Tomb themselves and Price just wrecks them, there's another where they're sitting on a Workshop and a Wasteland, 3 moxes and 15 life. I think the card needs to deal fairly high damage on average to make up for the fact that it doesn't affect the board.

Against blue decks, Gush can be a real problem, but since Delver hasn't been explored much since Gush was restricted, it's possible that Price of Progress has gotten better.

I tried Price of Progress for a bit in a Mono Red Aggro/Control list. I usually won or lost by turn 4 and with Wastelands in the deck my opponents usually fetched basics by game 2. The damage from Price wasn't significant.

For 1 mana you get 3 damage from bolt anywhere you want it.

For 2 mana you get an average of like 4 damage that you can only dome an opponent with.

Just not worth the extra mana.

Additionally red spells (and effects like Chandra, Torch's +1) that didn't target the opponent got absolutely demolished with the Planeswalker damage redirection rules changes.

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