Deck suggestions for a legacy player? (eternal weekend)

Hey everyone! Thanks for adding me to the group. I'm looking for Vintage deck ideas for Eternal Weekend as a Legacy player. I'm not hyper familiar with Vintage as it stands but can borrow power, etc from friends.

I would love to play something relatively "legacy style" to stay in my comfort zone like BUG Leovold, Delver, etc. but also really enjoy playing strategies off the beaten path. Tezzerator?

Hit me with some ideas! Thanks in advance. 🙂

If you're already somewhat familiar with xerox style decks like BUG, BUG Midrange/Team Leovold is a good option for you for Vintage as well (seeing as how you get to play Deathrite Shaman there). This would work well with the cards you already possibly have access to as well if you already play these archetypes in legacy.

Thanks! Can you explain what "Xerox style" means? Like net decked/copied?

I'll go dig up some BUG delver lists and look there. Is BUG tournament winning caliber? Tier 2?

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Blue Moon or Blue/Red Delver will give you a lot of range without much power. Those decks are very "grindy" so beware that you really need to know the meta-game.

BUG is ok in the meta but you will notice that it is not placing in paper events. Playing a deck like that is very hard, and I would not recommend it unless you have practiced it a great deal.

Oh, I like the idea of UR delver or Blue Moon. I see there's a thread on here right now about both of those, so I'll check them out. Do you think one is better than the other?

@legacyguy Depends on your style of play. UR Delver is aggro and Blood Moon is control. I would always advise aggro over control in an event with more than 6 rounds.

You reach decision fatigue at some point, and unless you just know your deck and the meta inside and out you make mistakes.

@LegacyGuy Xerox is a deckbuilding principle, in which you can cut lands by adding cantrips. Basically, it's the entire Legacy format.

I'd personally recommend UR Delver, as it's a faster deck that won't wear you out over a 10-round tournament. If you take a look at, there are a bunch of "UR Pyromancer" lists that should give you a good feel for it.

@moorebrother1 Thanks for the explanation!
@Stuart I was thinking the same thing. I'll look it up. 🙂

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