Deal Me In Games Oct 14 results

Last Sunday, October 14 we had 24 people show up to Deal Me In Games in Boyertown to do battle for the crown.
In the end, 8 stood atop the backs of the rest and competed for the prestige and honor of taking home their share of the prize pool.
After 5 rounds of swiss the top 8 in order were:

  1. Greg Hoover
  2. Zach Dobbin
  3. Josh Barkon
  4. Joel Lim
  5. Dan Sollazzo
  6. Jon Geras
  7. Chris Ferrante
  8. Dan Miller
    The quarter finals Dan Miller (Xerox Paradoxical) takes down Greg Hoover (paradoxical bomberman) 2-0
    Josh Barkon (shops) over John Geras (shops) 2-0
    Zach Dobbin (shops) over Chris Ferrante (null rod shops) 2-0
    Dan Sollazzo (black xerox?) over Joel Lim (shops) 2-1
    The semi finals were
    Dan Miller over Dan Sollazzo
    Zach Dobbin over Josh Barkon

And there would be no splits as Dan Miller defeats Zach Dobbin for yet another DMIG win this year.
It was also good to see yet more new players at deal me in games and the return of a few of you who haven't been around for a while. Thank you all for coming out to support Deal Me In Games and the great format that is Vintage!

We saw a bit of a shake up in the season long invitational standings. With most everybody in the top 15 or so in attendance and some strong showings across the board from those players. The new standings as of now are:


This gives us a top 8 of:

  1. Dan Miller 129
  2. Dan Barkon 116
  3. Zach Dobbin 97
  4. Josh Barkon 78
  5. Dean Harris 73
  6. Leon Anton 73
  7. Nicholas DiJohn 72
  8. Joe Brennan 71
  9. Greg Hoover 71

We once again have ties in the top 8, including a 2 person tie for 8th. So we currently have a top 9. With only 2 events left, depending on attendance I'd say anybody 45 points and above is still in it.

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Workshop variants 9
8 were ravager variants, 1 was a null rod variant
2 decks ran Traxos, Scourge of Kroog
Of the 8 ravager variants there was 1 car shops, 7 ran 4x steel overseer, 8 ran hangarback walker (5 ran 2, 3 ran 3), 3 ran 1-2 copies of Chief of the foundry
1 deck did not run any ancient tombs

Dredge Decks 1
Dread return targets: molderhulk, elesh norn, dragonlord kolaghan

Oath 1
1x griselbrand, 2x inferno titan included yawg will and sylvan library

Landstill 1
included 2 young pyromancer and 1 snapcaster mage

4 color control
includes kambul, deathrite shaman, nahiri (with emrakul), chandra torch of defiance, mind twist

Blue variants 9 (1 bomberman, 2 storm, 6 jeskai control)
7 ran xerox package of 3-4x preordain, 1 ponder, 1 brainstorm, 1 gitaxian probe, 1 gush, 1 ancestral
1 ran 2 preordain with the rest of the xerox cantrips
1 ran 0 preordain, 0 ponder, 0 gitaxian probe (and finished at the top of the swiss standings)
9 ran 4x force of will
9 ran flusterstorm 8 ran 1, 1 ran 2
1-2 mana drain
4 ran mana drain 2 ran 1, 1 ran 2 and 1 ran 3
2 decks ran mystic remora
2 decks ran teferi, hero of dominaria
2 decks ran narset, the transcendant
1 deck ran Kaya, ghost assassin

There was

1 Burning Ad Naseum deck

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Any chance I can see this “black xerox” list??

4 force of will
4 mental misstep
4 preordain
1 gitaxian probe
1 dig through time
1 treasure cruise
1 brainstorm
1 flusterstorm
1 mana drain
1 ancestral recall
1 ponder
1 time walk
1 gush
2 nights whisper
2 swords to plowshares
1 toxic deluge
1 demonic tutor
1 jace, the mind sculptor
1 kaya, ghost assassin
1 black lotus
1 containment priest
1 mox ruby
1 tasigur, golden fang
1 kambul
3 snapcaster mage
1 monastery mentor
1 mox emeral
1 mox pearl
1 mox jet
1 mox sapphire
1 jace, vryn's prodigy
3 tundra
2 underground sea
4 flooded strand
2 polluted delta
1 library of alexandria
2 iland
1 plains
1 strip mine
1 pithing needle
1 supreme verdict
1 serenity
2 swords to plowshares
2 disenchant
1 fragmentize
1 containment priest
2 rest in peace
3 tormod's crypt
1 mindbreak trap

Its almost like a xerox humans deck.

Thank youfor posting this.
Burning ANT? Is there a list? Player?

Thats Kaya Control,

Someone (i think @ChubbyRain) mentioned they're 15-2 in leagues with it.

@john-cox said in Deal Me In Games Oct 14 results:

Thats Kaya Control,

Someone (i think @ChubbyRain) mentioned they're 15-2 in leagues with it.

Good to know. I didn't get to play Dan this tournament so I didn't get to see how it played out. And the game I got to watch against Dan Miller (semi finals) - by the time I got to focus on it, Sollazzo was losing board control, Miller was getting it and that was about the end.

I think looking over the list I'd still classify this as a xerox control - but it is certainly a bit unique in its control. Refreshing to see.

Up to 18-2. 2 5-0's, 2 4-1's. It's a metagame deck but does well in the current MTGO PO + Dredge heavy, Shop-light, MODO metagame. And it's definitely a xerox control variant, but cavern is a nice utility land to grab with vamp against other xerox decks.

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