What content do you not get enough of?

@volrathxp I would like to see more of what makes Vintage -> Vintage. I liked your last 2 articles but I think a piece just focusing on a card could be interesting like the Mishra's Workshop or Bazaar of Baghdad. Discussing the evolution of those cards from fringe into cards that define the format.

I also think a piece that discusses how the stack works in Vintage compared to say Legacy or Modern is interesting. I have never gone 12 deep on the stack in Legacy but I have in Vintage, many times - Is that good? Meh, but it is interesting.

And I would like to look at the innovations, it takes a really longtime for a deck to get good in Vintage. Paradoxical Outcome took more than a year after that card was printed to become a real deck. The Survival deck took a more than 6 months to get baked into what it is now. The Eldrazi lists that creep up from time to time show that there is room in the format for new stuff just like the Mana-gorger Hydra deck that was good for about 5 minutes.

@moorebrother1 Great feedback friend. Super appreciated.

@moorebrother1 I might need some assistance on some of the history research, but I love doing historical articles. I've done a few on legacy decks for other sites and have really enjoyed the history dive so that's definitely on the table once Eternal Weekend is out of the way. Plenty of room to do some fun stuff.

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What about playtesting/running the gauntlet? Pick a deck type (Survival, for instance) and show it being tested against all of the tier 1 decks: Dredge, PO, Dredge, Shops, etc.

This has been done before. It's not very interesting to watch when the person playing the gauntlet isn't good at the decks.

@volrathxp The history is very interesting, it really puts things in context. Looking at a card like Bazaar of Baghdad, that was a bad card until the Dragon deck hit the scene then Dredgte took shape with Time Spiral and everything changed. It is just interesting. Even Mishra's Workshop was not all powerful until Mirrodin block hit, then everything changed.

@rat3de πŸ˜„ when its not practicing for EW I will stream other decks I promise

@IamActuallyLvL1 I know, I just think that it is interesting how there are non-PO streamers that I know of. You are doing a great job, and I really appreciate all vintage streamers. Although I have to say you really hit the salt hard last stream! πŸ˜‚

@iamactuallylvl1 FYI I super appreciate you pointing out my inconsistency in the article this week. I know I said as much on Twitter, but I'm happy there are people willing to at least tell me when I'm wrong about my analysis of something. One of the things I really love about this community overall, for sure. Thanks for keeping me honest. πŸ™‚

@rat3de yeah it's something I've worked on for awhile now but I can still be a salty mess.

Very frustrated with people who are playing blue decks that auto lose to shops. But if they want to win leagues it's really smart. Shops only shows up during the weekend.

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@rat3de hopefully I can win EW and get PO restricted so I can brew again

@IamActuallyLvL1 I hope PO does not get restricted. I think we are seeing the beginning of the snowball affect of restrictions. I would much rather prefer that they unrestricted Chalice of the Void, as I believe that it would reign in PO, and entice more creative deck building by reducing Mental Misstep's dominance. Now this would probably make shops to powerful, so I would recommend restricting Walking Ballista, because I think that it is much more powerful than people believe. It really hurts all non-shops aggro, hatebear and prison strategies by stripping them of their creatures, being resistant to removal, presenting too much of a threat by itself, and having to much synergy with the shops deck in general, and especially with Arcbound Ravager. In my mind these restriction would welcome more diversity in the combo archetype by hindering PO, and more diversity in the hatebears/prison archetype by upping their effectiveness and reducing one of shops major advantages. Though this is my personal opinion and I have more thoughts on the B&R list, I am interested to hear anybody's thoughts on this.

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@rat3de what type of decks are you interested in? I typically avoid dredge and shops because I’ve found people don’t always enjoy them.

@ChubbyRain I appreciate you asking, and I assume that you are talking about for streaming. With that in mind, I tend to enjoy watching every kind of deck, and I think that they all have their own intricacies that I feel I can appreciate as I watch someone figure them out. Now having recently bought into Pitch Dredge, I should probably try to spend some time watching some to help myself learn, but I understand how one might not want to play or watch it. The thing I was complaining about for streams is that despite having three pretty consistent vintage streamers, they all seem to play similar decks, and that can begin to feel repetitive. I understand that you guys are all practicing for EW and I respect that, but as a viewer anything goes as long as in my total intake their is variety.

I sincerely hope that once this month is out of the way (and my life settles down into some normalcy with this trip to Wisconsin out of the way) that I can settle back into a normal streaming schedule. Hopefully. πŸ˜•

@volrathxp I hope so to, and wish you the best of luck. FYI your twitch name is slightly different from your TMD name, so people may have a hard time finding your channel.

@rat3de yeah. I am aware. Had to add an x at the end. I can't for the life of me remember why that was.

Thanks for the replies, everyone!

@thecravenone we'll be streaming our year-end invitational in December. Patrick is interested in getting a stream going for all of our events after that, so he and I will be going to Home Depot in the next week or two to try to assemble a camera rig. I might ask for some tips from you on the computer/internet side of it.

@stuart Not on the computer part but please test your lighting setup beforehand. If there are windows nearby and the tournament will span multiple lighting conditions, test those, too. Since y'all allow proxies, I recommend requiring that they be official art and color so that the commentary and the viewers can recognize them.

@thecravenone Won't that just undermine the authentic, underground element of it? We were thinking poor lighting, sharpied basics, and someone spilling their drink all over the finals midway through game 2.

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