Leaving this here as a placeholder.

There just might be a sweet Vintage event that day.

Is there going to be more information on this sweet event?

Nick, aka Prospero, typically hosts the NYSE, which is one of the marquee Paper events with 10-15 proxies (I forget the specific number allowed and it might change). People have traveled from across the US and even from Europe to Long Island, New York to play in it, which is why this is here as a heads up to those who might want to make plans or take off work.

Historically, the event has been $100+ entry fee with prizes of the Power 9, though with the cost of Power increasing I think there was talk of switching to cash to keep the entry fee relatively the same. Number of players is in the low 100's. I've been to a couple of these and they are fantastic. Nick takes it seriously, so there is security checking bags with wristbands like at Eternal Weekend. There are also giveaways and special prizes. It one of the special player run events in a format that mostly exists because of such player run events.

Take all this with a grain of salt as I'm sure if the details were fixed, Nick would let us know. But if you are interested in attending a Paper Vintage event and have means to do so, I would definitely recommend this one.

This and all local vintage metas i keep hearing about make me want to move to New England.

There's some little talk about doing a large yearly even in a similar vein here in the PNW with Card Kingdom's storefront. We have a monthly sanctioned Vintage right now but probably a ways off from a big enough event to draw attendance from across the nation.

This weekend, I swear, the announcement will go up.

A few more things than usual will be the subject of a community vote. Interested in seeing what people want. The event is happening, it's just going to look a little different than in years past.

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