LD/Mana Denial, thoughts and Discussion

When the card Assassin's Trophy was first spoiled, my first thoughts was "An instant Sinkhole!", and since then I have wanted to make a Mana Denial deck, the core of the deck being:

4 Deathrite Shaman
4 Sinkhole
4 Abrupt Decay
4 Assassin's Trophy
4 Null Rod
5 Strip/Wasteland

From there, where would you go? Blue for stifle, power, counters, and leovold? White for Thalia, and Stony Silence, Swords? Should it include Chains of Mepho? Or would you go a different route with this set core? Just spitballing ideas I've had and seeing where other's would go with it.

If you want to deploy a mana denial strategy, land destruction is outclassed by taxing effects. The reason being that destroying a land takes away 1 and only 1 mana, while a taxing effect takes away n mana, where n is the number of spells cast.

So basically Sphere effects are better than Sinkhole effects. If you want more Wasteland effects, I would turn towards Ghost Quarter rather than Assassin's Trophy.

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