Vintage @ Eudogames in Berkeley, CA (October 21, 2018)

On-site registration opens at 11:00 AM.
Up to 15 proxies allowed.
Swiss rounds with a cut to Top 8.
100% prize payout in store credit.
Vintage format
Competitive REL

I will be there! In fact, I'm already registered!

@smmenen Would you sign a fan's Gush?

Sure 🙂 But it would be even better to sign a Gush book 😉

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@smmenen I still wanted to grab a hardback copy...

Does anybody know what the top 4 looked like? I thought I saw quite a few people playing BUG(r?) control, and I was wondering how it did.

I know that DPS and Landstill made top 4. Not sure what the other two decks were.

@Smmenen Thank you. I think that the fact that DPS made top 4 is pretty sweet. Was it the player who beat you with the 1 card hand?

Interestingly enough the top 4 results are actually posted on mtgtop8, and not one but two DPS decks made top 4!

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