I have been watch the videos on mtggoldfish.com lately with the Against the Odds decks. I love the concept of picking sort of viable cards and playing them out in a deck turned against the meta to see it can work.

Is there anything like this for Vintage? I have been brewing with Spellseeker, and Aminatou and other janky cards to get some fresh air for myself in the meta.

I would love to see refreshing content like this for VIntage. Maybe a once a month thing but I love the concept.

@moorebrother1 I would argue my streams come close at times. I just streamed a Channel Mirror deck with Spellseeker (1-3) and Danny Batterman's Rector Flash w/Seeker list (4-1) yesterday. I'm planning on streaming Experimental Frenzy tonight. I've previously streamed Tezz, Humanstorm, Kaya Control, or whatever I'm interested in at the time through leagues. Rich Shay @The-Atog-Lord will stream random decks that do well or his own creations. Brian Kelly's @brianpk80 streams are always original experiences with wild cards like Nicol Bolas or Glyph Keeper.

I would recommend following us on Twitch.
Me: https://www.twitch.tv/chubbyrain1
Rich: https://www.twitch.tv/richshay
Brian: https://www.twitch.tv/bpk80

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