SMIP # 82 - Guilds Preview Card, Asia Vintage Champs, & Metagame Review

Kevin Cron and Steve Menendian bring your their preview card for Guilds of Ravnica – Mnemonic Betrayal – as well an analysis of the Asia Vintage Championship and the 2018 Vintage Challenges.

Podcast (somanyinsaneplays): Download (Duration: 1:56:35 — 100.8MB)

0:01:00: Announcements
0:05:40: Guilds of Ravnica Preview: Mnemonic Betrayal
0:38:30: Asia Vintage Championship Results
1:14:00: Metagame Update
Total Runtime: 1:56:35

Great job guys. I really enjoyed the metagame section. I started a thread discussing it and the feelings about it.


I posted a thread with your preview card a few hours before this thread went up - I had no idea it was your preview! Sorry about that!

Great podcast as always! Thanks for continuing to put in all this work.

I learned something today! I always thought Shaman's Trance was the same as this card. Ultimately I think that cards that depend on your opponent's deck are too inconsistent for regular play.

The one scenario I missed in your analysis was against storm combo, where you can make mana from their graveyard much more easy and have more of an opportunity to chain these meaningfully. Then again, to get in such a situation probably means you win anyway.

I love that this card exists because it will create a few fun stories. Don't think it eill become a staple.

Steve, I thought of a suggestion of a show you guys could do at the end of each year: an overall review of your scorecards. Meaning you take the cards you reviewed for that year and see where they stand now. Sometimes there are cards that don't see play for the first 3 months but pick up steam after that. It'd be great to listen to an analysis like that. I thought of that now because I just saw a list on LCV with 3 Taigam, Ojutai Master (granted, it's from last year, but still reminded me I'd love to look at the cards of the year and see if their playability trend remained). Like, how's Damping Sphere gonna be at the end of the year?

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That's a good idea. It would be most helpful if you emailed our account with that suggestion, or reminded us towards the end of the year.

We recorded our full set review last Thursday, based upon twitter recommendations. It should go live soon.

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