Gush mentor sideboard options post-LSG restriction

I am currently testing a shift from red anti-shops tech to white. Out with the Ingots, basic mountain and pulverizes and in with serenities, stony silence, Kataki , basic plains and a disenchant (plus one main deck due to prevalence of oath in meta online currently). Maindeck adjustment is mainly to change some bolts to swords instead. Problem is that I never encounter any shops decks online, just Storm after Storm after Storm after Oath (way to go with the restriction Wizards...some balanced meta now...), so it's hard to judge the effectiveness of this anti-shops suite. My reasoning was that Pulverize, although hugely devastating, might needlessly set yourself back too much when the clock presented by Lodestone is not as often present (i.e. you can wait for Serenity to have the same effect on your next upkeep and not lose any lands). Some number of Ingots could still make it back in the sideboard since they do avoid some spheres, but I'll try without for now. Any thoughts about these sideboard adjustments?

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And, yeah, you're sideboard strategy makes sense to me.

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@shawnthehero typo 😀 and corrected...

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