[GOR] Discovery // Dispersal

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Ok, I know this seems like a bad cantrip variant, but I wonder if there is not value to the fact that it has versatility in some matchups, for instance if you are filling your yard for Yawg or Treasure Cruise.

My guess is a resounding no as I think both sides have be to good for it to work out, but Surveil 2 may actually be better than Scry 2 in some deck compositions. Probably not a manas worth better, but then tack on to it the split part of the card which is a removal spell that hits untargatable oath creatures (safe to assume they will be the most expensive card on the table) and maybe it has value?

Other things of note:
Discovery can be played with only black mana
Funky CMC interactions

@protoaddct make this cost 1 mana and it would be great. At 2 mana i dont see a reason to play this over just drawing 2 cards with night's whipser.

@john-cox To be on par with strategic, you have to find 0 value in the other part of the card. I'll agree it is similar enough even with some of the nuances, you don't have to discard for instance, but it is also cast able for 1B. The second half of the card, if it has any marginal value, likely puts it above strategic at least.

I'd rather play Omen. Second half is mostly useless and Omen can see 4 cards.

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@protoaddct I'd say seeing an extra card with Planning is better than the few times you'd cast the second half. Since decks that would use it are unlikely to have black sources than don't also produce blue, the casting cost difference is negligible.

In a Mana version of Dredge, getting too mill a dredger, then draw? Outside of that, I think it's too weak.

@serracollector Mental note costs less and would do mostly the same.

Dredge would likely never cast the second half so mental note and thought scour seem like better options, if only because dredge with mana tends to be rainbow.

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