Team Serious Open - 9/8/18 at the Kidforce Collectibles Berea, OH Results

We had 14 players come out to battle some Vintage! Thanks again to Sue who decided to also add $50 of credit to the prize pool so we had prizes for 1st through 6th place. After 5 rounds of Swiss + 1, the results were as follows:

Metagame Breakdown:


• Bant Survival
• Merfolk
• Esper PO
• 4C PO
• PO Oath
• U/W Enligthened Tutor control
• Esper Mentor
• Blue Belcher


• (3) Ravager Shops


• Aperture Science
• Colorless Eldrazi
• Krark’s Thumb

Thanks to everyone that came out! Hope to see you at the next one!

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Fun time, really glad to make it and meet the locals.

I’ll have to play more of a brew next time.

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Thanks to @mediumsteve for organizing and to @nartman99 for doing the write up! I had great fun. I think I was 9th? at 2-3. I played this Aperture Science List:

Coveted Jewel was pretty fun, only got to play it once. I think that tapping for a lot of colored mana and drawing 3 was pretty good.

I lost mainly due to never actually casting PO. Had a blast! Also thanks to @Prkchpsndwiches for an epic game of "Who's got an Emrakul now?"

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