Deal Me In Games Sept 9 Vintage Results

We had 13 people come out to compete last weekend in Vintage at Deal Me In Games. We did a 4 round cut to top 8 with top 4 taking home prizes.
In the end, Dan Barkon and Nick DiJohn split the finals.

The top was 8:
Joel Lim (shops) Defeats Greg Hoover (bomberman) 2-0
Leon Anton (ruw delver) defeats Sahaj Viradia (vehicle shops)
Dan Barkon (shops) defeats Dean Harris (doomsday)
Nick Dijohn (vault key combo) defeats Dan Miller ("Basic Raka xerox)

Top 4:
Nick DiJohn defeats Joel Lim
Dan Barkon defeats Leon Anton

Finals split between Dan B and Nick
This tournament had some big shake ups in the invitational standings as well. With the extra rounds and split Dan Barkon moved into a tie for 1st place with Dan Miller.
We now have a 3 way tie for 8th with Josh Barkon, Dean Harris and Leon Anton
And last year's top 8 competitor, Greg Hoover, has moved to the front of the pack of those looking in from the outside sitting 9th place. But Stephen Harvey, Jason Beaupre, Stephen Ganter, Sahaj Viridia and Keith Seals are right there in the points, a simple top 8 away from (re)entering the top 8.
Then we have Joel Lim and Evan Hunterdmark with just enough tournaments left to make their point totals interesting.

Thank you all for coming out last weekend. Here are the current standings:

We had 13 players with the following breakdown of decks:

4 workshops decks (3 top 8 )
All featured 4 of Ravager, Ballista, Foundry Inspector, sphere of resistance, phyrexian revoker
1 featured 3 precursor golem, 3 had 0 golems.
3 had 4 steel oveseer, 1 had 0
3 ran triple hangarback walkers, 1 had 0
1 ran fleetwheel cruiser
1 ran skysovereign, consul flagship (different than the one that ran FWC)

3 combo decks (all 3 made top 😎
1 bomberman combo
1 vault/key combo
1 doomsday combo
These 3 decks were so different from each other it almost seems criminal to categorize them the same.
I'll have the vault/key decklist posted.
Bomberman was u/w with Sai, Master Thopterist, mentor and walking ballista as win cons. It ran Narset, Transcendent and Teferi, Hero of Dominaria.
The last was what seems to be a fairly straight forward doomsday list. But I'm sorry Dean - I suspect Dan Miller had something to do with physically writing out this decklist. I can't make out most of the cards. 😉

4 Aggro-Control decks (2 top 😎
I'd break this down a bit more
2 were u/r/w delver lists
1 was u/r humans/blood moon

1 planewalker control
This was a w/b/r control deck with Chandra, Nahiri and Karn.

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