ok next dredge not need the attack step.....
and possible not need bridge!!!


20 creatures in the yard is a lot even for Dredge. There was +X/+0 creature spoiled earlier as well.


There are ways to get there definitely. It competes I think with Laboratory Maniac.

Just mentioning that probably needs a bit of assistance from something that can mill you, like a Sun Titan (or the new guy) and/or Griselbrand. And a bit of a build around (extra creatures).

need test.... ichorid have haste.... and bloodgnast if 10 damage il deal ......

cut bridge and use more mana and 4 fatesticher

Fatestitcher and Ichorid wouldnt help your creature count much as they exile creatures (ichorid others and fatestitcher itself).

yes but ichorid is 3 damage and fatesticher is 1 more bazaar activation!!!

not need deal 20 damage from giant need only deal the last damage

dredge more possible for direct damage from new cards... play haste creature attack sacrificie for dread play giant ......the sequence is this.

I would humbly submit that Flayer of the Hatebound does this job better than this card.

This strategy feels even more vulnerable to grave hate than even standard dredge. Where as dredge can win even through a leyline if they get hate removal early, this may just not be able to do the job if a few creatures have been removed.

yes the flyer is similar and maybe better, but it's not a pitch to unmask in open hand.
I'm trying a list without bridges with the giant and creeping c. ..... seems to work well but fundamentally it is not different from the usual list of dredges has the same qualities and weaknesses.


I think Flayer with Prized Amalgams in your deck can certainly get to 20 easier, but Im open to the idea of this card if you boost the creature count and can actually hit for 20 in one shot.

@vaughnbros 20 in one shot is very difficult but if dredge 2 creeping and have 1-2 hasted creature 10-13 damage is more possible


But to Neo_Altoids point Hatebound Flayer could already do that. You could get 9 very easily from him alone, and pile on up to another 12 from Amalgams returning EOT (or up to another 8 from a Bloodghast landfall trigger).

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from my test is only a new possible alternative

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