for all people that have to love and continue to love masknought deck......this is very interesting

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Well my Tiny Leaders Doomsday Deck has a new Commander finally...i dont really see it beeing playable in Vintage though

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Tiny Leaders Doomsday

Tell me more.

the problem with this type of deck is that the combo requires several slots that in tier decks are used to have more answers.
and this deck needs at least 3 turns to win.
1 turn to play the combo and two attacks

@thecravenone Iam not sure if you are just mocking the fringe format or if you are actually interested.
It's a UB deck with rituals, petal, LED, a ton of cantrips, tutors like personal, mystical, merchant scroll and stuff like lim duls vault. For protection i have some cheap countermagic, discard (inquisition is obviously insane) and few removal.
It's all about finding Doomsday and either go the easy route: TOP Predict, Labman, unearth, BS, - BOT. Which is cheap and easy to pull off but can be disrupted by removal.
Or go for: TOP Ideas Unbound, Remand, Brain Freeze, -, - BOT
This storm kill is usually very hard to disrupt, but costs a ton of mana and you can't to be able to kill the same turn as casting Doomsday.
Of course all of those can be modified and the usual doomsday stuff. Sadly a lot of great cards like black tutors, yawgwill, Necrosis, fast mana etc. are banned.
It's really fun though I love when I get to play.

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