@vaughnbros I don't think that jamming 4 of these is going to be optimal and I don't think this card creates any sort of new type of dredge deck in vintage, so I am trying to see what versions this fits in and how/if one should change card choices because it is in the deck. I appreciate your attitude about what cards can be cut and what can't as it is a good reminder that we shouldn't get married to cards especially in an archetype like this.

Took the Hulk for a spin tonight in Fatestitcher variant.


Suffice to say, I'm happy.

@volrathxp you cast hulk the previous turn and it got jacebounced?

@blindtherapy nah I had hulk down for a good portion of the game. Got him to 4 life and he got down jace, bounced it, then I put down Hulk and GGT the following turn.

@volrathxp Did you just replace sun titan with molderhulk? Any chance I could see the list?

I just straight replaced Sun Titan.

This is what I played that night. https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1312103#online

@volrathxp I'm assuming city of brass is just for lack of owning mana confluence? given the presence of portal the difference matters

@blindtherapy yeah i don't own confluences yet on modo. 🙂 😂

@volrathxp Let me know if you need to borrow some. 🙂

@oestrus will do. appreciate it. i will probably be making a purchase of some stuff at the end of the month.

necroing my own post with an extremely late partial tournament report. cast this guy twice in 5 rounds at champs, won the games I cast him in. Obviously my overall record was not great, sometimes you lose to dredge and 2 card monte, but the card very much overperformed sun titan in a stitcher shell by being castable.

It was nice to finally meet you!

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