Oath Sideboard Plan Help

  • Put this in the Oath discussion but that thread seems dead...

    I'm looking for some help in developing a sideboard plan for my current Oath build. The build is a typical Kelly Oath style, see below:

    0_1536606025878_Oath md.JPG

    My sideboard is:

    0_1536606045977_Oath SB.JPG

    Sideboard plan (draft):
    Shops: +Gisele, +2 Grudge, Claim, +2 Sudden Shock, -3 Misstep, -Flusterstorm, -Gush, -Library
    PO: +Flusterstorm, +Pyroblast, -2 Sylvan Library (Seems like more can be done. Plus artifact removal?)
    Xerox: +Pyroblast, +2 Sudden Shock, +Stormbreath, -Ancient Grudge, -Spyglass, -Null Rod, -Island (?)
    Dredge: +4 Crypt, +Spellbomb, -Null Rod, -Library of A, -Gush, -2 Sylvan Library

    Open to suggestions on plan, sideboard (especially creatures and what are in/out) and main. Thanks.