What do you think about these from a graphic design/artistic point of view? Speaking mainly to the borders/border art?
Would they be cool foils in you deck over what you have now? I think conceptually these are very cool and would look great foiled and altered.
Is this a step in the right direction? What do you think of the Ravnica style artwork of each card?

alt text alt text alt text alt text alt text

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@john-cox so ugly imo. Then again, I only accept Beta basics so I'm probably too narrow-minded to give an objective opinion.

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The text boxes are a neat idea but I don't like the execution. There's too much going on. Maybe cut the lightning effects?

Count on vintage players to never get set abbreviations right.

Cute, but I still like most all other basic land variants more. Full art and Un-lands are much more compelling to me.

Well, I like 'em, esp. the Swamp and Forest.

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