So I thought I would share this particularly nerdly piece of nerd-dom with the good folks here at TMD. A while back my vintage pals hereabouts and I took it upon ourselves to cobble together some Vintage apparel based on our particular playstyles. We knocked a few out with the help of ye olde Silhouette vinyl cutting machine! Thought they'd at least provide a little chuckle:


Cool stuff, do them on something other than a base Gildan t and I'd love to grab some! Maybe you could gang an order together (if that's worth the hassle, which it probably isn't πŸ˜‰

@joshuabrooks Hah! Yeah, we just nabbed some cheapies from the craft store. I use a higher quality T for my etsy stuff but only have lady's sizes right now! I'll let you know though. We just made them on a goof so there are definitely some exceptions for centering etc. You can see where I didn't press my dredge one very well so the graphic has lifted a bit (the one for my dredge playing friend turned out a bit nicer).

Thanks for the kudos though!

@bandswithothers cool! I just don't like the funny phrase In the Workshop one. Take that off and it's perfect πŸ’—

Where can I get one?

I'm gonna need that Dredge t-shirt in my life, ASAP

I'm loving that Workshop tee!

Hey @joshuabrooks @fsecco @Oestrus and @themonadnomad thanks for the props! If there's honestly interest we could probably work something out for a couple of tees. I'm actually out of town and away from my heat press at the moment but could probably swing a custom listing on etsy in a few days if interested? May take a moment longer to locate non-gildan tees in decent colors in small quantity. πŸ‘•

Also the southern stickler in me wants to make sure to correct to Y'all. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«

The Doomsday shirt is just too much XD I need one :)))))

@bandswithothers I would definitely be interested in the Workshop tee - I love pretty much everything about it! πŸ˜„

I absolutely need that Workshop shirt.

@bandswithothers How can i get some T please ?
Will you ship overseas ?
It's a nice work !

Haha! Thanks everyone. I’m glad this made such a good impression with the players here on tmd who truly love the format. Since we’re talking a very small number, I’ll reach out to the folks who have responded here to ask for some size and color info. I’ll probably need to order the tees special (to avoid Gildan), and grab some vinyl, just to be transparent about the cost. Then when I have them stamped out we could do PayPal or something similar to get them to you (wherever you live!)

Sound decent? I’ll do some factfinding this week with you fine folks to make sure I have a fix on the numbers.

Nice work! Doomsday made my day! Would love to wear such beautyful stuff! Living oversee...

Hi there all (@Oestrus @joshuabrooks @fsecco @themonadnomad @PeAcH @Zias @francois-f @Ceremanius @Montolio ) Many apologies for tardy outreach. My family has been dealing with an unexpected death and so all plans sort of screeched to a halt. That said, the air is starting to clear a bit and I wanted to make sure that I could see if people were interested in ordering a T (especially ahead of Champs!).

If you are still interested, drop me a PM with the shirt(s) that you want, your preferred size and the number of shirts that you would like in total. I also have some flexibility on the color of the lettering, white, black, red or gold if you would like to specify.

I've decided that for maximum comfort I'll be using Unisex Bella+Canvas Tees, but will happily do either a crew or a v-neck if you could specify there. The unisex shirt tends to be true to size, but if you are worried about sizing you may want to order a size up.

Once I have the orders, I'll create a listing on Etsy and provide a link where you can order and we'll get these rocking and rolling. The price will be 20USD.

With any luck we should have them shipping out within the next week or two, giving ample time for the blanks to get here and for me to get the decals cut etc etc.

Anyways! Thanks for your patience! I'm glad this is something fun that others can enjoy.

Also, thought I'd share this sticker we made for someone's card binder. Fun way to find vintage in the wild at GPs and the like! πŸ”­ 😁


Hey all! Just a little update. Thanks for your enthusiasm. For this round of printing, I'll be closing the good faith "ordering" window on Friday of this week, so if you'd like one, just shoot me a PM if you haven't already and I'll add you to the list. I'll order the blanks and send out an Etsy link so we can ensure smooth transactions, shipping etc. Thanks again for the support everyone! With luck we'll have them complete and in your hands by Eternal Weekend πŸ™‚

Hey all! So I ended up waiting until this morning to place order for blanks after a handful of people asked for a little extra time to confirm how many and what they wanted to order. I now have a tidy box of blank Tees inbound.

From here, I will be creating some Etsy links (you can check out as a Guest user, so no account required) in order to make shipping and payment easier for those people who don't use PayPal, so expect to get a link from me in the next couple of days!

I'm totally stoked so many people have been interested! If you missed out on this round and still would like a shirt, just let me know and we can work something out for sure, but right now my little production flow is going to prioritize those who have already submitted orders with sizes.

Professor Farnsworth Voice Good News Everyone!

Blanks are in and today I will be working to stamp out these t-shirts. For those of you who have ordered, I have sent a link via PM so that you can select the quantity of the shirts and we can go from there.

Etsy automatically calculates shipping based on your location, so that should help, but if there are any errors (like if you order three shirts and it tries to charge you an arm and a leg), I will absolutely provide a speedy shipping refund to offset postage shenanigans.

Many thanks for the support and encouragement from the community!

Shipping Update!

So I dropped all the parcels in the post on Saturday, and it seems that they are now all making their way toward everyone who placed an order. Thanks to everyone for all of the enthusiasm! Hopefully you will find everything satisfactory, but If you find any issues with the final shirts, let me know and I'll do my best to make it right for you!

For the most part they are completely wash and wear and you can treat them like any other tee-shirt. However. With heat transfer vinyl (the only consistent way to do on-the-fly small batch t-shirts, one at a time, unless you have your own silk screening setup), for maximum longevity and swanky-lookitude, I would recommend washing them inside-out and letting air dry to preserve the shape of the shirt.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

@BandsWithOthers are you still making these? highly interested in the kicking it old school t-shirt for a friend of mine.

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