Looking to Play Paper in the Bay

Hi, I am a kid in HS from the Bay Area who has been lurking here for awhile, and who loves vintage. I watch streams of people like the Atog Lord play on MTGO, the NA Vintage Championship and the Asian Vintage Championship (I just wanted to watch Survival).One thing that saddens me about vintage is that I may never be able to play paper vintage because of the enormous price that vintage decks carry. I was wondering if anybody on this forum plays at my LGS, Eudemonia in Berkeley. I know that they hold monthly vintage tournaments with 15 proxies allowed, and I was wondering if they could tell me if it is worth it to try to be a part of the paper scene in Berkeley. I have never really owned many mtg cards, as I am still quite young, but I am looking into maybe buying into some form of Miracles at the moment in Legacy, which I hope could help me kickstart my playing skill, and card collection so that one day I might be able to participate in a sanctioned vintage tournament. Please let me know what you guys think.


I regularly play at Eudo. It is totally worth your time to put together a deck and play. The players and environment is quite welcoming.

@rbartlet What kind of deck do you recommend. I was thinking of getting a legacy Miracles deck because I felt that if legacy interested me it would be a great long-term choice, and if I wanted to play vintage I could just change it into a U/W Landstill deck without power. What are your thoughts on this, is there a better deck option, or an idea I have not explored? Also will you be there the 16th, for the vintage tournament this month? Thank you.

Landstill is a fine deck choice. At the end of the day, I'd suggest playing a deck that suits your play style. Landstill is a control deck that grinds out games. It works relatively well with little power. Given that Eudo allow 15 proxies, I'd suggest that you try to find a deck that you enjoy playing, and go from there. Nowadays, there are very few events that do not allow some number of proxies.

As an aside, Eudo's meta is quite skewed. It is not too unusual for there to be no shops decks, no dredge decks and a field where 50% of players are playing Landstill...

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