[Free Article] The Evolving 2018 vintage metagame

@volrathxp I've got a spicy brew I've been working for a few weeks. I don't play mtgo so I don't have any solid results outside of play testing. After Champs I'll send you a write-up (assuming it goes well).

@aelien Thanks man! Greatly appreciated. I've got some fun stuff planned for this whole month, going over some of the prep work for Eternal Weekend folks (stuff about Paradoxical, Survival, and even something on some Unpowered lists for the budget folks). I have big plans for the column and I'm happy to be here to make it as best as we can make it.

@Tittliewinks22 Please do! Message me on here or on Twitter, doesn't matter I love spicy stuff. Have always been a sheer fan of spice.

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