25 August 2018: Romancing The Stones 6 (23 players in Austin, TX)

After our nice detour to Old School in July, we were all pumped to get back to Vintage. 23 players came out to Hopfields to drink beer, eat French-inspired fare, and play degenerate cards.

After 5 rounds of Swiss, our final standings were:

  1. Ben Kendrick: Ravager Shops
  2. Patrick Vincent: Ravager Shops
  3. Stuart Ziarnik: Dredge
  4. Matt Jordan: BUG Oath
  5. Johnny Angulo: UR Delver
  6. Jack Bellingrath: Paradoxical
  7. Doug McGrew: UWR Xerox
  8. Seth Nowling: 5C Humans
  9. Eric Miller: BW Dark Depths
  10. Chris Huckabee: Punishing Oath
  11. Bryan Hockey: Paradoxical Storm
  12. Ian Files: Grayscale Eldrazi
  13. Heither Zeis: Lands
  14. Bobby Scheidemann: Esper Humans Xerox
  15. Aren Wilson-Wright: Ravager Shops
  16. Justin Hillsmith: Paradoxical
  17. Brian Tweedy: UWR Xerox
  18. Robin Mannas: Moon Stompy
  19. Michael McGrew: Burn
  20. Tim Everett: Merfolk
  21. Joe Amaya: Paradoxical
  22. Mike O'Malley: Ravager Shops
  23. Jeff Lubinski: Belcher

Our top 4, from left to right, was Matt (BUG Oath), Ben (Ravager Shops), Stu (Dredge), and Patrick (Ravager Shops). When the dust settled, Stu took it all down on Dredge!

@thecravenone should have all the lists up on lonestarlhurgoyfs.com soon. We also recorded Round 5, the semis, and the finals; once they're edited and we have commentary, I'll get those posted here as well.

Sorry for the delay - been super busy recently. More pics and all 23 decks have been posted on our site!


Thank you for posting this.

For a second there, I thought Grayscale Eldrazi would be something completely different. .

@ten-ten it's mostly just cause Ian didn't bother printing his proxies in color.

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