TMD Vintage Podcast - e3: Danny Batterman

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Andy, I can't find TMD Vintage Podcast using my phones podcast player (DoggCatcher). Not sure how podcast hosting works but it seems that imbedding an audio file in a blog post does not allow me to see it.

Any plans to put them on itunes or have a dedicated html feed for the podcast?

@pugsuperstar There are on Soundcloud so use their app and you should be fine

@pugsuperstar As far as I'm aware, it should already be on iTunes. I can confirm that I get it on my Pocket Casts app on android.

Yeah it showed up in my podcast app.

Sorry, I'm dumb. I was searching "TMD vintage". It now shows when I search "THE MANA DRAIN". I'm positive the capitalization helps.

Great episode!
What I liked about it most was that it was much more a conversation or discussion, than an interview. This, to me, is the biggest improvement, as I prefer to listen to a back and forth between people and opinions.

One question I had is about when you talked about going through older cards to search for a specific effect. How do you do this? Do you keep a list somewhere with potentially interesting cards for vintage? Or from memory, or something else (like starting with Alpha and re-reading each card until Core19 ;))

@joep A lot of it just comes from a decade of looking at cards and remembering all the random stuff other people have tried, but I will pretty frequently use a resource like or to search really specific terms.

For instance, the other day I was building around Archon of Valor's Reach, and wanted to find a creature removal spell that would work even if I had an Archon in play shutting off instants. I searched scryfall for t:sorcery o:"target creature" (o:exile or o:destroy) c<=wug cmc<=3 That lets me know that if I end up really needing that sort of effect, I can use Declaration in Stone ... (which is worse enough than Swords to Plowshares that I wouldn't want it unless it turned out I really needed that effect). Check the syntax page for all kinds of neat search terms you can use.

What that search missed, however, was picked up by the third technique ... just asking a bunch of friends, "hey, can you think of a removal spell I can use if I have an Archon of Valor's Reach in play naming Instant?" One pointed out Council's Judgement which my search missed because it doesn't explicitly say "target" on it.

I just wanted to say I enjoyed the podcast a lot this week, and really felt like i got some good insight. More than anything, however, was just the enthusiasm for the format rubbed off and really made me want to brew. I have like 4 lists in progress, because I really want to try some new stuff.

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