Magic original art, you got a piece? You want to talk about art? This is the place for it.

To start things off, in 2016, what are you out there collecting?

I purchased three of the new Drew Tucker reinterpretations: City in a Bottle, Plateau and Dan-dan. I'm very please with them and framing is coming soon.

You can see pictures in this tweet:

I own the sketch for the angry Gorilla Shaman. Not much, but it is neat.

@CHA1N5 Those reinterpretations are amazing. I wish his originals were still in the world somewhere, the Dan-dan in particular is a sad story, for one of my two favorite card arts of all time.

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I just acquired Defense Grid by Mark Tedin. Stunning piece in person. I'll be sure to show off the frame job once it's done.

Defense Grid

@CHA1N5 I hadn't seen what the new Plateau looked like yet, that's a beautiful piece.

@garbageaggro Is there a photo of the sketch? That would be cool to see.

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And to answer the topic question, I'm not looking for much after picking up Defense Grid, but I'm always on the lookout for the whereabouts of Bludgeon Brawl by Kev Walker. I was in contact with him recently and he informed me he had sold it several years ago and doesn't keep records of his sales.

<-- and the rest of the Scar's spellbombs. I doubt I will buy anything else, they are fairly different when compared to the modern style of magic art.

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@spook I've always liked the approach you took to framing with those pieces. Would you consider going after the original Mirrodin spell bombs if they came up for sale?

@GHitchHiker Thanks for the compliments on the framing. My wife hates the double frames, but I think the framer did a great job with the colors.

I won't search for the first five, but it is an interesting idea if they came up for sale. Hanging all ten would be challenging, and I think the artwork for the first spellbombs was not as interesting as the cycle I have.

@GHitchHiker wow the color looks so vivid! Thanks for sharing.

I am the proud owner of this amazing piece.alt text

Still have not gotten it framed yet. Just have to find the time and money.

@Dayton i contemplated collecting 1 of every version Dark Ritual, but summer and an original art stopped me.

@Soly Ritual is my favorite card, my collection of the cards is pretty well sized and the absolute dream would be to own all the original paintings, maybe one day I could be so fortunate.

@Dayton Beautiful piece. Collecting them all would be quite the challenge.

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I am on the lookout for the original Tendo Ice Bridge art by Rob Alexander. Anyone have an idea of where it might be?

Have we lost the entire TMD chat on artwork (and everything else)?

@StolenArt Apparently there's some technical issues with the archive right now. Brassman promised it would be back.

@mediumsteve I wish I did. That's a lovely piece. Have you inquired on the fb Art Exchange?

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