Deal Me In Games August Event Results

  • Thank you to all the weekend, cardboard warriors who came out to do battle this past Saturday in Boyertown at Deal Me In Games. We had a total of 14 players this month meet Saturday to sling fire, ice and mud at each other. In the end, the mud slingers won with Dan Barkon and Jeff Grebe meeting in the finals and splitting their Shops mirror.

    We had 4 rounds break to top 8 of:
    Jeff Greb: Ravager Shops
    Dan Barkon: Ravager Shops
    Nick Dijohn: Sai Outcome
    Joe Brennan: UWR Humans
    Josh Potucek: Dredge
    Chuck Greb: DPS
    Ryan Glackin: Dredge
    Zack Dobbin: Jeskai's TiTi's.

    The non contending decks included:
    Paradoxical Storm, Bluebelcher, black Stax, Bomberman, human control, pyromancer

    And of course we had a bit of a shake up in our 2018 Invitational standings with this event as there are about 10-15 of us in a pretty close fight for 4-5 spots.


    Despite bailing on us, Dan Miller holds on to the #1, barely holding off Dan Barkon. But the shake up comes at the bottom, where coming into the day we had 3 people tied for 8th and 4 or 5 people within 4 points. Here's how things look now:

    This gives us a top 8 of:

    1. Dan Miller 99
    2. Dan Barkon 91
    3. Zach Dobbin 71
    4. Joe Brennan 64
    5. Josh Barkon 62
    6. Stephen Harvey 55
    7. Nick DiJohn 54
    8. Dean Harris 52

    We still have Matt Buck, Keith Seals, Jason Beaupre, Greg Hoover and Stephen Ganter within 6 points and Sahaj Viradia within striking distance. Consistent showing from Stephen Nowakoswki, Evan Hunterdmark, Ryan Glackin and Chuck Greb, Josh Potucek or Joel Lim could force any of them into the mix here as well. Though the window of opportunity is closing.

    Also we had a huge announcement to kick things off as Jason announced partial prize support for the 8 man invitational. We already have over $2000 worth of prizes announced with 2nd place receiving an Underground Sea and first place announced as a MISHRA'S WORKSHOP!

    Not bad all for coming out and having fun. Our next tournament will be SUNDAY Sept 9!

  • Joe needs to stop calling "Jeskai Mentor" "UWR Humans." Incorrect naming is annoying.

  • @stormanimagus said in Deal Me In Games August Event Results:

    Joe needs to stop calling "Jeskai Mentor" "UWR Humans." Incorrect naming is annoying.

    Joe calls it humans. I call it uwr instead of Jeskai because those names came out while I was on a break from magic and I can never which is bant or jeskai or whatever. 😉