Deal Me In Games Vintage August Event Aug 11!!

Welcome to Fall 2018 everybody. Its time to announce the seventh event in our 2018 VINTAGE-MANIA!!!
Deal Me In Games next event will be Saturday August 11, 2018 starting at noon. We are back to our regularly scheduled 2nd Saturday of the Month as we announced in July we would be! And get ready for this one as every event from August thru December will have major implications in our invitational standings. The top 8 is far from locked as we have a top 7 (though there are enough points that nobody is completely safe), a 3 way tie for 8th (Dean Harris, Leon Anton and Matt Buck) and 5 people within 5 points of catching a top 8 slot (Jason Beaupre, Greg Hoover, Nic DiJohns, Stephen Ganter and Sahaj Viradia)!!!
We also have a good number of accomplished players who, just by showing up and putting in a good showing in the final 3-5 events of the season could push their way into the top 8 conversation. This invitational is far from decided!!

Jason at Deal Me In Games

15 proxy playtest T1 tournament

127 East Philadelphia Ave
Boyertown, PA 19512
ph#: 484-415-0058

Saturday August 11th at 12 Noon

So we can get together and have fun playing Magic the Gathering in its best format ever for some kickass prizes. ***

Entry Fee: $35 at the door with 100% going to prize support.
$30 per person will go towards the prize structure for that day's event. $5 per person will go towards prizes for our annual top 8 point totals. That's right, we are bringing back the Deal Me In Standings for 2018. At the end of 2018 the 8 players who have accrued the most points will get an invite to special closed event with prizes yet to be determined. If you want an example of whats in store for 2018 just take a look at the prize support for 2017's top 8 championships that included 2 unlimited Underground Seas, 1 Unlimited Tundra and 1 Unlimited Bayou.

Just a reminder, here is how our Yearly Invitational standings, now updated to include June's point totals as well. Again, I apologize for the delay in getting June posted. Between recovering from my shoulder surgery and vacation, it took a while to get back to the store and get the point totals.


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I guess an explanation of my charts is in order as well. The name columns are pretty obvious. The next few columns represent a round by round accounting of points for the particular event being posted. A win is worth 3, a tie is worth 2 and a loss is worth 1. So its worth it, sometimes, to play out the last round of an event. Even if it doesn't matter in that particular event, you still accumulate points towards the invitational.
The number of rounds of 1-3 points will depend on the size of the event (last month we had 22!!)

Next we have the point total for that particular event. The second to last column is that players point total coming INTO this event and the final column is the new point total when we add the current event to the prior total. This is the column we use to determine the standings.

For those following the point totals from one event to the next please note that since I got these in late, the 'prior total' already includes July. The final column is accurate, I just put in July then June.

Less than a week to go!!

Congratz to Jeff Grebe and Dan Barkon for splitting the finals in our event today!!! Full report coming tomorrow.

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