Brass Man's European Vacation


As part of the potentially ongoing Brass Man world tour, I'm planning out a trip to Europe in September and October. I know for sure that I'm going to visit some friends in the Netherlands and some family in Germany, and almost certainly hopping into Belgium for dat beer, tho. I plan on going to Munich for Oktoberfest and Essen for Spiel. Other than that I have no specific plans, and I'm willing to travel wherever the train will take me.

I'm interested, of course, in anything unique I might not want to miss in that time frame.

Even moreso however, I'm very interested in meeting up with European TMD'ers for games or drinks or food.

I won't be bringing my cards with me, but I'd love to play some vintage, so please let me know of any playtest-card-friendly events during this time period (or sanctioned events with generous card-lenders).

Help me out!

@brass-man Hit me up when you are in Germany and we can meet up for dood, drink and games!

Hi Brassy,

sounds awesome!

I´m living in Frankfurt Main in a housing project - and yeah! We got guestrooms and every friday we run cube draft (full powered, modern or combo cube). We aren´t shy of drinking beer and making new friends.

When are you coming?

And this isn´t just about Brass Man - all of you guys are welcome at my place if you need a host.

You can PM me, to exchange mobile numbers and get everything clear!

Is my hotel nord-ovest italy inside Alpi but near liguria (40 km to the sea)......michelin guide........150 years of history!!
Magic player are really welcome!!!

I see a lack of Italy, especially Tuscany and Florence in particular, in your European trip.
Definitely ask for directions, I'm used to giving pointers to visitors.

Considering going to Spiel myself depending on whether or not I'm travelling for work.
Give me a shout about when you're planning to go to meet up for drinks. (And please, at least take a small trade binder!)
Where exactly are you gonna go in the Netherlands (and Germany, I live near enough on the border)?

@brandawri I'll be in Amsterdam and Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and Munich and Essen in Germany for sure. I'll likely hop around a little while I'm there ... not a sure thing yet but I'm leaning toward spending some time in Berlin as well.

That's sick Brassy.

The Essen Spiel is freaking ginormous. I only got to see a small part of it during the Magic Invitational, but I am super envious right now.

I'm going to Sweden next year for NoobCon and the Wizards tournament, and will be in Switzerland, Prague, and Germany, as well as Denmark & Sweden, so let's trade tips when you get back!

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@brass-man Cool!
I live not too far from Eindhoven (Nijmegen, myself). Good place to go out for a few beers as well.

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