Brass Man's European Vacation

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    As part of the potentially ongoing Brass Man world tour, I'm planning out a trip to Europe in September and October. I know for sure that I'm going to visit some friends in the Netherlands and some family in Germany, and almost certainly hopping into Belgium for dat beer, tho. I plan on going to Munich for Oktoberfest and Essen for Spiel. Other than that I have no specific plans, and I'm willing to travel wherever the train will take me.

    I'm interested, of course, in anything unique I might not want to miss in that time frame.

    Even moreso however, I'm very interested in meeting up with European TMD'ers for games or drinks or food.

    I won't be bringing my cards with me, but I'd love to play some vintage, so please let me know of any playtest-card-friendly events during this time period (or sanctioned events with generous card-lenders).

    Help me out!

  • @brass-man Hit me up when you are in Germany and we can meet up for dood, drink and games!

  • Hi Brassy,

    sounds awesome!

    I´m living in Frankfurt Main in a housing project - and yeah! We got guestrooms and every friday we run cube draft (full powered, modern or combo cube). We aren´t shy of drinking beer and making new friends.

    When are you coming?

    And this isn´t just about Brass Man - all of you guys are welcome at my place if you need a host.

    You can PM me, to exchange mobile numbers and get everything clear!


    Is my hotel nord-ovest italy inside Alpi but near liguria (40 km to the sea)......michelin guide........150 years of history!!
    Magic player are really welcome!!!

  • I see a lack of Italy, especially Tuscany and Florence in particular, in your European trip.
    Definitely ask for directions, I'm used to giving pointers to visitors.

  • Considering going to Spiel myself depending on whether or not I'm travelling for work.
    Give me a shout about when you're planning to go to meet up for drinks. (And please, at least take a small trade binder!)
    Where exactly are you gonna go in the Netherlands (and Germany, I live near enough on the border)?

  • @brandawri I'll be in Amsterdam and Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and Munich and Essen in Germany for sure. I'll likely hop around a little while I'm there ... not a sure thing yet but I'm leaning toward spending some time in Berlin as well.

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    That's sick Brassy.

    The Essen Spiel is freaking ginormous. I only got to see a small part of it during the Magic Invitational, but I am super envious right now.

    I'm going to Sweden next year for NoobCon and the Wizards tournament, and will be in Switzerland, Prague, and Germany, as well as Denmark & Sweden, so let's trade tips when you get back!

  • @brass-man Cool!
    I live not too far from Eindhoven (Nijmegen, myself). Good place to go out for a few beers as well.