Best Dredge deck to build for testing?

I’m building a paper vintage “gauntlet”, just trying to have multiple different decks on hand to test against. For dredge should I build a standard version or pitch dredge? MTGO seems pitch heavy now; what have you seen in your meta? Thanks!

I would say not pitch. fatestitcher list of some kind is what i think is usually playable right now, but what kind of dredge you want to test against depends on what you're playing; shops wants to be able to, ideally ,beat lists with petrified field, combo wants to beat lists with unmask, etc

This is the one I most like:

I've noticed a significant increase in Paradoxical Outcome decks, which I take to mean I either need to be faster (e.g. Fatestitcher Dredge) or I need more discard (e.g. Unmask Dredge)

I'll be pretty busy for the next few weeks, and won't have much time to play. But that's probably where I would start if I was about to get into the swing of things.


8+ pitch spells makes Outcome a breeze.

Sorry if I am necroing this thread.

Would anyone consider having a 61st card in their list?

These are geometric distribution percentages for a 60 cards list:
39.94996257 - Bazaar in Opener
65.3593571 - Bazaar or Powder in Opener
80.93533073 - Dredger in Opener
88.65527663 - Dredger in Opener or off EoT Bazaar

vs the numbers for having a 61 card list:
39.39868354 - Bazaar in Opener
64.66802567 - Bazaar or Powder in Opener
80.31025961 - Dredger in Opener
88.15313314 - Dredger in Opener or off EoT Bazaar

The 61st card for fitting something in when you run out of slots in the sideboard.

@serberoth no. usually part of the extended sideboard ends up maindeck anyway: leylines, fields, unmasks, the occasional disenchant effect or situation Dr target.

Yeah, so why not give yourself the extra card for the price of a few percentage points if you feel it necessary or desirable?

@serberoth the chance of you having the card in your opening hand + top 2-3 is a few percentage points; that times how much it changes the match isn't worth what it costs you.
dredge, of all decks, least wants to run over 60, because it wants to get to one of its 4 copies of one specific card. in other decks, particularly in non-vintage formats, it's easier to justify stuff like 61-63 card scapeshift decks.

anything worth playing is worth putting in the 60; if you decide to add an ingot chewer, for example, to a 60, for example, it is likely not the 61st card, something else is, and you cut that.

if you want to play "sideboard" cards main you can, but it doesn't require going beyond 60. jeskai doesn't go to 61 to play fragmentize or wear/tear main, they cut another card for it.

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