Leaving TMD (and most of the internet)

Hey everyone!

Without sounding too sappy or full of myself, I'm posting to say that I'll be deleting my TMD account after I "check in" to see the new posts tomorrow morning. This has nothing to do with the community, but is an internet-wide choice that I'm making for myself. Account deletion casualties will include Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and others.

If you are looking to get in contact with me, there is still hope! I will still be using Twitch @ twitch.tv/hierarchnoble to watch streams and, hopefully once the weather turns foul again, begin streaming again myself. They have a messaging system you can use to get a hold of me. If that's not your style, there's always email at hierarchnoble@gmail.com.

I look forward to seeing some of you in Twitch chat, listening to Andy, Kevin, and Steve on their podcasts, and attending paper events. Hell, I still hope to be behind the booth at Eternal Weekend. Thank you again, for the good and the bad, and I look forward to what this wildly unorthodox choice does for me.

Mike Noble

EDIT: At Andy's request, I am leaving my account active for posterity. If I find at anytime this undermines my goals I will come back and delete the whole thing.

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Best wishes! I've taken internet community sabbaticals in the past, and it's amazing how much you don't miss it after a while. I'll be sure to check out your stream when that starts happening again.

I sympathize with this decision more than I'm comfortable with. I hope to still see you in my Twitch chat from time to time!

@revengeanceful I look forward to seeing you there!
@Oestrus ❤ ❤ ❤ , I know I'll see you on Twitch.
@nucleosynth hierarCursed hierarCursed hierarCursed

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It's exactly a year later and I'm back. I couldn't quit you forever, TMD.

@mikenobull said in Leaving TMD (and most of the internet):

It's exactly a year later and I'm back. I couldn't quit you forever, TMD.

alt text

@mikenobull Yo welcome back.

I saw the date on the first post and in the morning fog, it initially registered as the current year. I was glad to see the most recent one and think, "Oh derp, right, it's 2019." Happy you are back and that a year of cleansing was a success!

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Well??? How was it?

The big wins were my career and my physical health. The lack of internet presence was vital for me learning my new career quickly and properly. The lack of an outlet to waste time left me time to commit to a strict powerlifting regiment that pushed my numbers up tremendously.

The losses were that my knowledge and technical play of Magic slipped, but I'm not particularly worried about that. Also, the people around me followed the path of least resistance and would send Facebook invites designed for me to my girlfriend instead. It wasn't an isolated incident or person, and I begrudgingly remake those accounts when it was clear communication kept slipping.

Between settling into my new career and a wrist injury prohibiting my powerlifting I'm back to where I was a year ago with regards to social media, although hopefully more mindful. I did a test stream (http://www.twitch.tv/mikenobull) over the weekend and hope to pop in irregularly to jam digital cards for an audience again.

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