Treasure Nabber

This looks promising. Could provide the ramp goblins need to chain recruiters or set up a food chain?

Color me skeptical. This is a Punisher card. Your opponent will choose whatever is best for them. If you're locked down under a Sphere, they'll rely on Sol Lands instead.

If it cost 1 mana, then they probably would not have a choice; they kept a hand with a mox or crypt and need to use it, probably. So, if it cost 1, it would situationally be as good as Llanowar Elves. That's not high praise.

There's a second use case, along side Welder or something else to sac the artifacts, but that's an awful lot of work and mana to do what Mox Monkey already does.


This card is either very good vs paradoxical outcome, or it is terrible depending on rules interactions.

If a player announced paradoxical outcome, pays for the cost of it with 4 Mox mana, how many moxen can they target with Outcome before the triggered ability from this card resolves.

I’d assume since the spell was announced, that all the triggered abilities would go on the stack simultaneously, and they could cast outcome targeting the 4 moxes before the triggered ability resolves.

But I am not sure.

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@gkraigher if you just announce outcome and tap your moxen to pay for it, the triggers resolve first, stealing the moxen, and they don't bounce and you don't draw.
the proper way to do it, from the outcome side, is to activate the mana abilities(and anything else, like top, that must precede outcome) and then cast outcome in response to the Nabber triggers. all bounce, all draw, none borrowed.


So this card does nothing against Outcome. Shame.

@gkraigher Unless the P.O. is countered. Potentially high risk for the P.O. player if this found any purchase in a blue shell.

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@necrogeist doesn't need a blue shell since it's red and pyroblast hits outcome!

@tittliewinks22 Very good point, I like that much better!

It's not really that big a risk for the outcome player. If you play outcome and your opponent counters it with this card in play, they get your artifact mana for one turn, and then you get it back next turn and try again. That's exactly what you were going to do if they had a counter and you DIDNT have a Treasure Nabber - it doesn't even really slow the outcome player down

It's only scary if your opponent has something to do with that extra mana, in which case a Mana Drain seems far more useful for them.

Or if they have an Atog. Yummy moxen.

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Keep rollin! Rollin! Rollin!

@gkraigher said in [C18]Treasure Nabber:


So this card does nothing against Outcome. Shame.

It also grabs any moxen used to cast non-Paradoxical spells. Even if that's just the Pearl that cast a Sol Ring, that's pretty okay.

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