How Do You Store Your Power?

Only recently picked up my pieces of power and am curious how the folks here who also play with your pieces - how do you store?

The binders I have (monster) are middling quality for storing higher end cards; do I just use hard cases and store in my small safe?

What do you guys think?


Keep them out of Sun or any light!

I keep my power in the games cupboard, in the deck box of whatever deck I played last.

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I have one of the nicer Ultrapro binders with the sewn in pages, to avoid binder dings, when not using specific P9 in decks. I have my P9 on one page, and a set of CE P9 on the opposite page.

If cards are in decks, they are just in whatever random deck box, but also sturdier deck boxes, double sleeved with perfect hards. (usually a combination of one vintage deck i'm focusing on at the time, and some 93/94 decks).

I do keep my "good stuff" binder far away from any other Magic cards in the chance that someone would try to rob my house and focus on the first area of Magic that they see...

I sell it to a dealer, who i assume takes care of it

I keep it in whatever deck that I have it in at the time; double-sleeved in a plastic box.

Triple sleeved in a deck box.

Perfect fit, normal sleeve of choice, then

those things.

Makes the deck a little tall, but then the only ones you have to worry with replacing are the outer sleeves, which are cheaper than most "good" standard size sleeves.

And it also makes the cards feel pretty rigid, but not toploader rigid, which I personally like.

I keep mine stored in perfect fits, in a Ultimate Guard binder in my gun safe.

Triple sleeved in my only vintage deck.

KMC Perfect Hards, KMC Black Matte, and KMC Full Size Hyper Matte Clear sleeves.

Figure keeping them in a fairly tight deck box with no foils should keep them from bending or curling...

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I keep one power in my deck with only 1 sleeve (superblack) and the other in 16-slot pages ultra pro binder with side opening in the sleeves.
deck and binder are in my gun locker in a dry room with controlled temperature.
no more than one sleeve otherwise you risk moulds and other shit if you don't use them frequently or you store them in a hot and mild place.
no sun.
if u use 3 sleeves and don't play them frequently and eventually store the deck in a mild and hot room u risk humidity problems, mould and similar shit... I don't see the point in 3 sleeves, cards get no air and thats not good...
even perfect size + superblack is more than needed and worth only if u play cards often...

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I store them in a 9-pocket binder in perfect size shields only - unless I have a deck built with them, then they stay in the deck, double sleeved.

I keep mine in my liquor cabinet most of the time, in my oldschool deck.

cheap cardboard 800ct box


I really need to talk to @ELD about getting something nicer though ...

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