Deal Me In Games July Event 7/15/18 Results

And another one is done at Deal Me in Games. We had 22 people show up on a Sunday to do battle for crown of King of the Store (ok, I just made that up). The final 8 came down to:
1/4 Finals: Dan Miller Defeats Leon Anton Joel Lim defeats Siraj Viradia, Shingo Aratake defeats Roy "The Mentor" Reese, Joe Brennan defeats Stephen Harvey

Semi Finals: Joe Brennan defeats Dan Miller Joel Lim defeats Shingo Aratake

Finals and today's winner: Joel Lim defeats Joe Brennan in 3. I'll have a video of game 2 up on the Vintage Group over at facebook.

Couple of notes on some of the top 8 matches:
In the top 4 Shingo Resolved a 2nd or 3rd turn Energy Flux against Joel. Joel had a revoker a steel overseer and 2 ancient tombs in play, that's it. He navigated thru the damage and hang on for the win.
And in game 3 of the finals vs Joe Brennan Joel pulled out the victory despite not 1 but 2 resolved by forces (joel was on shops).

In all we had 22 people with the following meta:
Shops 3 (2 in the top 8 - over all winner)
All 3 ran steel overseers
2 of 3 ran hangarback walkers
1 ran skyship sovereign
1 ran main deck wurmcoil engine

1 landstill deck

5 creature based decks
4 were aggro control
1 merfolk
2 r/w thalia control 1 of which splashed blue for restricted fun
1 bug with 4 deathrite shaman, 3 leovold 1 trygon predator main deck

1 combo was a survival of the fittest

3 paradoxical outcome decks
1 bomberman with an outcome draw engine
2 tendrils of agony style outcomes
2 of the tendrils ran sai, master thopterist
2 tendrils versions ran vault/key
1 bomberman version was running teferi and narset

2 pyromancer decks

9 xerox based blue decks

Monastery Mentor was in 9 decks
Sai, master thopterist was in 2 decks
Tinker was in 2 decks
Ramunap Excavator was in 3 decks
Mana drain was in 6 decks
Teferi, Hero of Dominaria was in 4 decks
Search for Azcanta was in 2 decks
Huntmaster of the fells was in 2 decks

And lastly, our points updates. Due to my shoulder I didn't get a report for June done. I brought the folder home with me after the fact and its missing round 4 (top 8 split). That info is in the computer and will be updated before the next tournament.
This update includes July only - June still pending to make sure we are accurate.


You can see the 2nd game of the finals match between Joe and Joel here

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