Planning the next Vintage Trial for Alternate Worlds (Hunt Valley, MD) - Looking for feedback.

Alternate Worlds in Hunt Valley, MD is thinking of running back-to-back sanctioned Vintage trials the first weekend of August (Aug 4th and Aug 5th).

However, before committing to this, the store requested that I reach out and see if that would be something people from out of state (as well as local players) would be interested in attending.

After some discussion with a few attendees at the previous trials, I know some US players are planning to attend the Asian Vintage Championship and figure this might be a good time to get some quality testing in for that event (as well as earn some byes for the US Vintage Championship in November).

As a reminder, we are unable to run vintage trials for byes for the Asian Vintage Championship as this time.

Would this be of interest to some?

Looking for some feedback when possible.
Any input would be greatly appreciated.


@chikararyuu I know we chatted on FB. I've got a kid on the way this month so first weekend in August is tricky but if we happen to have family in town that weekend I'm in for back to back. Wholly contingent on family though.

Thanks to all that provided feedback.

Due to some scheduling conflicts, Alternate Worlds has decided to postpone the double-vintage trials weekend and is now aiming for September 15th and 16th. Feel free to pencil those dates in your calendars.

Once the planning gets finalized, I'll post more information.

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