Proxy Vintage Event - July 22nd, BC Comix, Battle Creek, MI

BC Comix is pleased to host another of our monthly Vintage proxy events on June 23rd! We strive for fun, competitive events for all players, so feel free to join in!

This is a community driven, non-sanctioned event. You are welcome to use playtest cards to participate in this event. It all takes place at BC Comix: 669 Capital Ave SW, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

Entry Fee: $10
Doors Open: 11am
Start Time: Noon
Format: Vintage, run at Regular REL
Prize Pool: $10 Store Credit per player, prize to standing
Tournament Structure: Swiss

Have any questions about our location, rules on proxies, or anything else? Feel free to message the shop on Facebook here:


Is the title different from the listing? Is there an event on July 22nd?



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