TMD Vintage Magic Podcast - e2: Jake Hilty

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Just gave a listen, thanks for spotlighting our Survival deck! Some things I’ll point out to answer some of the questions you guys had: the mana dork split is to help dodge revokers (with the birds being a budget function at first because I didn’t want to spend $100 on nobles if the deck was bad), Tarmogoyf is a good man to have against Shops or lightning bolt decks, especially when they are planning to rely on cage/priest to hold you in check. The Kambal are all @kaluma . I don’t think they’re very good personally and I play Bob in that spot normally to help recoup some resources that you bleed to Bazaar. I prefer mixing 1 goyf and 1 delve guy because goyf is still good against Leyline and crypt, but the delve guy is better against spheres.

You guys hit the nail on the head with ESG though. Don’t play less than 2. For any reason. If you do you’re wrong. They do so much. I posted a 5-0 earlier this week, or maybe it was late last week with the newer version we’ve been using which has Spell Queller as a 2 of.

Today I ran through a league and a half with a BUG version which picks up FoW by adding Prized Amalgam and Mental Misstep (with some other blue creatures to up the count) and Gravecrawler to up the synergy factor. It’s just a preliminary version that will require some tuning to find the right mixes, but it’s 7-1 in league matches thus far.

Awesome drck of the week, and this episode (43 minutes through) is so far excellent

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Audio is much better in this episode, thanks.

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