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Here's the thing, I actually love this card and think it's a powerhouse in basically every other constructed format except commander. The effect is simple and hyper efficient.

I cannot imagine this seeing play in Vintage right now with Mental Misstep still being a 4 of. The only corner case I can think of is it deals with 1 drops off a cavern of souls that MM cannot hit. If MM ever got the axe I could imagine this seeing a fair amount of play.

What are the permanents existent in Vintage that this hits and Plow doesn't?

Sol Ring, Mana Vault and... I can't even recall any other one that's actually played.

PS: the card is beautiful though.

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@fsecco There used to be a number of 1 mana sideboard options that this would have been good to excellent against, but once again misstep pushed them out.

Relic of Progenitus, Root maze, Now I'm going to assume Alpine Moon

This would have been great against Fish deck years ago but MM does the job all to well now a days.

@moorebrother1 Agree, I just think this is a card to keep a play set of for the future, just incase MM goes away. It's far more viable in other formats where I think it will have its value driven up.

@benjamin_berry I don't know that this really works against Fastbond. You cannot respond to the land drops to it may be damage done by the point it hits play. Exploration they will get 1 extra drop out of but that is likely it.

Kills Grafdigger's, Welder (hah!)

It hits cage, Pithing needle, relic, the new alpine moon as others have said. Hmmm... I mean, you blue mages can't ALWAYS have MM up, can you? haha

I guess I'd still want something like Nature's Claim in my dredge sb rather than this. Doesn't hurt to test it though!

@jimmycolorado I think all 1 drops dredge cares about are artifact enchantment(the new merfolk aside) so claim, frag, and natural state are all just better. even then, being able to hit crypt/RiP/(leyline) is too important.

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