This card seems insane to me. Don’t know what decklist yet, but 5/5 indestructable that can be cast off Dark Ritual just seems like such a good card in Vintage.


Multiple copies make each previous one better because conceptually you can have more artifacts in play when you cast the next copy, that makes your previous ones safer.

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You know this guy has been around for years, right?

This card was printed in Magic 2011 and Magic 2013.
I don't think it has ever seen any Vintage play, I could be wrong though.

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This printing is probably gonna get him over the hump though.

Ok I guess this card already existed. Kill this thread. My apologies

@gkraigher No worries man. There is no way anyone is challenging me for worst evaluator of cards ever.

Prior printings aside, the thing that prevented this from seeing play was Swords to Plowshares and Ancient Grudge, not its power level.

Should we make a hall of fame of card evaluation threads?

@aelien If we did, #1 would be "JtMS is an awful 4 mana brainstorm! UNPLAYABLE!"

@thewhitedragon69 Did that happen? That is great! (back in the day I traded an unplayable LED for 3 savannah lions.)

@topical_island Comparisons made to existing cards have had a horrible track record.

@chubbyrain So do leftovers.

@Topical_Island Yes, people were bagging on JTMS as worse than a Concentrate.

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