I'm not new to vintage (I've been playing with the Lhurgoyfs out in Texas), but new to the DC area. Are there any proxy vintage communities over here? I've been unable to find one so far.


There is a group of players in the DC area that play vintage. I will PM you my cell and email.

Also, if you're interested in earning some byes for Vintage Champs, my lgs is holding a vintage championship trial on Sunday.

It should be about 90 from DC proper.

Just look in the tournament forums for additional information.

Got the PM. Thanks! I'll look into the Vintage Champs trial, but I don't think I can make it work this Sunday. I'll keep an eye on that store if it does Vintage things often, though.

Ever find something? Looking for something and I'm about 45min east of DC

@wontrice I'm working with the store on putting on another Eternal Weekend Vintage Trial in August. Just stay tuned in the tournaments section for it appears.

Stay tuned.

I'm in Alexandria. Not interested in playing much anyone, but If anyone local is interested in picking up some vintage staples let me know.

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