Selkie Strike(s). . . AGAIN!

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@stormanimagus I ran Noble Fish for most of 2011 - 2012 and played it at Eternal Weekend. I was suggesting to close some gaps that I see in your meta-game match ups.

I built a version of your deck and I did not go with Thalia, I went with Shardless Agent. I the prison aspect of Thalia is just not good enough against Shops now, being very honest about it. The issue with the deck is speed and pressure.

You do not have enough control against the aggro decks and you do not have enough aggro against the control decks.

I love playing White and I think there is a balance here but Stony Silence does not stop Shops or PO, I assure you that it may help a little but I played PO and I dealt with Stony Silence against LandStill every time, I had to.

The deck you're proposing is an entirely different one. Also, Thalia 1.0 is of course sided out against Shops.

It sounds like there has been some success with this deck now. I am happy for this and I'll build a version.

I like Sylvan Library more than Chart in these decks -- it doesn't pitch to force but it's impossible to remove. This deck isn't winning on turn 3 anyway.

@nedleeds I've considered running 1 in the past and may still do so but I don't think you could run more than 1 anyway because it doesn't stack and isn't blue. So, at most I'd do a 1/2 split of sylvan and chart. I really have come to like the burst that chart provides, though. I also really like that I'm not nuking my life-total to do so.

You could also run just 1 monastery mentor in there, since it's white anyway. You might need it vs young pyromancer decks.

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Search for Azcanta could replace Sylvan Library/Chart a Course, is blue, and synergizes really well with Knight of the Reliquary or Ramunap if you decided to add either. Also binning that useless Daze or 2nd Thalia instead of drawing dead cards seems very good in a list like this.

Maybe a stupid question, but just asking: What actually happens if we just cut Force of Will?

@topical_island We probably no longer need to draw 2 + cards a turn haha. Force of Will is still one of the most flexible disruption spells ever printed and is run in blue decks for a reason.

Turn two trygon with noble would be a beater, as well as ramunap

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Turn two trygon with noble would be a beater, as well as ramunap

Neither does very much against Shops. Energy Flux is where you want to be at if you're playing Blue.

@topical_island I cut it back in 2010/2011 when I played this deck a lot it was very good back then. It really helped in the mirror since this deck was fairly heavily played at that time. I think now you would just lose to PO if you cut the FOW.

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